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Hi, I'm Jen - I’m a certified mindfulness teacher, energy healer, entrepreneur, and artist. I founded CULTIVATE with a desire to help others unlock their creative potential and navigate the unpredictable lifestyle that comes with walking the path less traveled. 



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A Note From Jen

Below you'll find some morsels on my teaching style and values. If you're curious, you can learn the full story behind CULTIVATE on our about page...but first, I want to tell you the one thing I wish I had been told at the start of my creative journey:

Your sensitivity is your gift, but it must be nurtured.

Your innate ability to attune to the energy of your environment, to experience the feelings of those around you, and your propensity to think deeply about the complexities and truths of the world is what inspires you to dream up a better, more beautiful one. It is what compels you to pursue a life driven by purpose: to uncover, to teach, to serve, to innovate, to heal and ultimately to uplift.


While your sensitivity is indeed a gift, it can feel tested when the creative path demands countless leaps of faith, irregular schedules, and perennial encounters with new personalities and surroundings. Without the tools to manage your gift, courting all that energy can find you teetering between overwhelm and depletion, your mind equally brimming with passionate ideas and debilitating self-doubts.


CULTIVATE is curated with the tools to reconnect you with your creative force in the midst of those moments. While you will unlock the resources to unwind an overactive mind, to balance your nervous system, to transform thoughts and feelings of self-doubt, and even boost your self-worth, CULTIVATE is ultimately about keeping you aligned with the deepest part of yourself and expanding into your creative presence.      

“Appeals to the energetically sensitive, or anyone that is seeking to temporarily dampen the caustic energies of the day and cocoon for a while in a supportive environment.”

LA Yoga Magazine

My Guidance

My Guidance


The primary components of CULTIVATE are Mindfulness meditation and Reiki healing, two evidence-based practices that are being used in a broad range of settings from creative to therapeutic.


My teachings are wholly secular, with guidance that is grounded, easy-to-follow, purposeful, and visceral, with a focus on the senses.

Antelope Canyon
New York Chrysler Building


My style mirrors my status as a New Yorker in LA: one foot planted firmly on the pavement, the other plunging the depths of subtle energy.


My work is inspired by the natural world and archetypal imagery, with energy-work woven into every session so you can begin to consciously tap into the creative force that runs through all things.

I like to blur the line between material and spiritual, practical and poetic - this liminal space is where we can plant the seeds of transformation at the deepest level.


I encourage comfort and not taking yourself (or your practice) too seriously.


The only values I aim to align you with are your own, along with a little more self-compassion and an invitation to play with the magic of the unknown.


Silver Dollar Plant

My Values

My Values

Full Moon Healing

I’m motivated by kindness, beautiful moments, and connecting over personal truths.


Small talk can make me feel alien, but I love going deep on personal pursuits, understanding what you’re going through, and dissecting surreal movies & immersive experiences.


Live music and travel adventures feed my soul.


I feel most creative at night, connecting with what feels like secret time away from the world.

I'm a lifelong explorer of self-development by means of spiritual practice, therapy, cultivating meaningful relationships, and trying new things.


I’m intimately familiar with managing the range of emotions between anxiety and depression, along with the blessing and curse that is an overly analytical mind.


I don’t believe in spiritual bypassing - every emotion has a message to bear, and I’ve learned to cherish the gifts of my sensitivity.

Big Sur Coastline
Paw Prints

I’m beyond grateful for chosen family, and I value learning from those with different experiences than my own.


I have the most fun with my best friend-turned-husband, even though I hadn't planned on having one.


My dogs are my world.


I believe that love is love, and I believe in love above all else.

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