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Cultivate Founder and Meditation Teacher, Jen Stavitsky


I want to slay the myth

that the creative mind

must also be a tortured one.


Creating (and enjoying) a life that feels connected to passion and purpose has always been important to me. Whether you’re an artist, entrepreneur, healer, teacher, or someone considering  veering off the beaten path, I create meditations and healings with a desire to help you enjoy that life too.


Each time you listen to a guided meditation, you put your trust in that voice -

that’s a responsibility I take very seriously.


I’m a certified mindfulness teacher and Reiki healer, trained to the Master Teacher level. As someone practicing energy work for nearly two decades, I know how potent the meditative state is.


"I have received multiple sessions from Jen and they have been life changing. Can’t put into words how gifted she is." 


- Emmy-Nominated Producer


My first introduction to meditation was its application as a gateway to the creative process, specifically as a tool for relaxation and to draw upon certain qualities for performance. I realized quickly that, regardless of the types of energy I was tapping into, meditation was providing me with a sense of connection and flow that I could reliably call upon. I was experiencing relief from lifelong anxiety while I was also able to create from a place of ease and inspiration, I could show up for engagements with quiet confidence, and I was finally learning how to relax within the unpredictable lifestyle of an artist.

Cultivate Founder and Meditation Teacher, Jen Stavitsky


Clearing blocks, nurturing emotional regulation, and expanding creative vision comprise the cornerstone of my offerings.


Since then, meditation has bestowed me with the gifts of balance and joy while I have walked the path of artist, freelancer, and entrepreneur. This compelled me to create a singular destination to nurture the creative mind and support the unpredictable lifestyle that often accompanies walking the creative path: perennial leaps of faith, irregular schedules, shifting time zones, rotating environments, a revolving door of collaborators, clients, and projects, flip-flopping work-life balance, you know the rest. I wanted to offer a curated set of tools that would provide stability and boost resilience for the creative whose life is always in flux. I know how swiftly life can vacillate between overwhelm and depletion, but I want to slay the myth that the creative mind must also be a tortured one.

"Upon meeting Jen, I noticed her strength of character, there is a sense of wisdom that comes across clearly while talking with her."


- Carlie A., Wellness Coach

I’ve worked with thousands of creatives, entrepreneurs, individuals and groups, united in their callings of passion and purpose and their need for a set of tools to support their ever-changing lifestyles. Through private practice, I’ve identified the most common blocks and disregulating characteristics of the creative path. Clearing blocks, nurturing emotional regulation, and expanding creative vision comprise the cornerstone of my offerings. I opened a meditation studio for the creative center of Los Angeles’s Atwater Village before ultimately refining the program for a virtual experience in 2020 when the studio moved online to meet its global community.

I know how important mindset and, more importantly, ‘feel-set’ are to forging your own path.

With that in mind, I’m here to help you ground, release whatever is holding you back, dissolve limiting beliefs, and expand your vision of what you think is possible. Whether you decide to join me for livestream classes, listen to my curated recordings on the go, meet with me for one-on-one guidance, or dive deep into Reiki training, I aim to provide a foundation of support while you create (and enjoy) a life driven by your passion and your purpose. You chose to walk the path less traveled, now it’s time to enjoy the journey.


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