Private Sessions

Private Sessions

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Accelerate Your Healing


Personalized sessions provide the opportunity for healing that is customized to you and your unique goals. Through a combination of evidence-based practices like mindfulness meditation, Reiki, and insight, targeted results can include:

  • Relief from Overthinking and Overwhelm

  • Calm Your Nervous System

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Manage Stress and Anxiety

  • Deep Relaxation and Healing
  • Release Emotional and Energetic Blockages

  • Activate Presence and Creative Flow

  • Cultivate Positive Emotions like Joy and Confidence

  • Align Physical, Mental, and Emotional Bodies

  • Foster Personal Intentions and Abundance

“I have received multiple sessions from Jen and they have been life changing. Can’t put into words how gifted she is.


- Patrick M., Emmy-Nominated Producer

"I have received multiple sessions from Jen and they have been life changing. Can’t put into words how gifted she is."


- Patrick M.

Emmy-Nominated Producer

Private Session Menu

Please e-mail us to schedule your session. All offerings are virtual. For in-person availability, please inquire.


Cultivate's Energetic Healing


A deep healing experience to align the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies. This session is especially powerful for those going through periods of transition, release, or renewal, as well as those who could simply benefit from an energetic ‘tune up.’ You’ll be invited to share your unique intention for the session, and we’ll uncover any energetic blocks that have been inhibiting you from moving forward. You’ll be guided through a custom meditation and energy healing, and you’ll leave with practical steps to continue the healing process.

"I've tried Reiki a few times before, but never felt the connection I did this week." - Gina S.

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A healing experience for the creator, artist, entrepreneur, or heart-centered leader. This session is all about clearing the limited beliefs that are holding you back and producing consistent conditions to nurture your creativity. Align with your innermost values to activate presence and flow. Disempower creative blocks and the common trappings of imposter syndrome, procrastination, perfectionism, and burnout. Your healing will be customized to clear pathways while also channelling the next practical steps to expand your creative journey.

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Cultivate's Creative Flow
Cultivate's The Unwind


A healing experience for the mind. This clarifying session is for anyone who struggles with overthinking, mental overwhelm, or cyclical and stressful thought patterns. Using mindfulness, you’ll discover a place of refuge from your mind, enabling your system to recalibrate and find balance. The ultimate goal of this session is presence, although feelings of calm and clarity are common. You’ll leave with actionable tools to ground, quiet the inner critic, shift negative thinking, and live more fully in the present moment. 

"Jen has a gift for stilling my bouncy ball mind, even when I think I can't settle down." - Jenn B.

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A healing experience for the empathic or highly sensitive person. The key to honing the empath’s gifts and intuition lays in the ability to hold one’s energy sovereign from the impact of outside stimuli. Learn to disentangle yourself from the heaviness of others’ energies and emotions. Your custom meditation will focus on recollecting your sovereign energy while magnetizing you for positive energy and abundance. You’ll leave with practical tools to set energetic boundaries, discharge unwanted energy, and amplify your own life force.

"Appeals to the energetically sensitive." - LA Yoga Magazine

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Cultivate Empath's Guidance
Cultivate's Emotional Illumination


A healing experience for emotional wellbeing. The ability to regulate one’s emotions is paramount to feeling good and achieving nearly any definition of success. For those who find themselves in high pressure situations or struggle with emotional anxiety, you’ll discover how to disempower challenging emotions so you don’t get thrown off course. The session can also be used to rewire your system to experience more calm and joy in your life. You’ll leave with practical tools to continue cultivating these positive feelings.

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A healing experience to deepen the couple’s connection and fortify shared intentions. Meditating together offers a path to reclaim and strengthen the many varied bonds of partnership. Whether you’re looking to cultivate emotional intimacy or imprint better tools to resolve conflicts, the session can help you and your partner communicate from a place of love and compassion with less emotional reactivity. You’ll have the opportunity to share any intentions you’d like to cultivate together, which will serve as the building blocks for your custom couple’s meditation and healing.

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Cultivate Couple's Spark
Cultivate Gift Cards


A personalized healing experience for your friend or loved one. Sometimes the greatest gifts are the ones that gently reveal the way back to ourselves. This one-on-one session aims to do just that by creating the space to release, reconnect, and align with what matters most.

Recipients are invited to choose their aligned healing from the Private Session Menu: Energetic Healing, The Unwind, Creative Flow, Empath’s Guidance, and Emotional Illumination.

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Private Programs

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Cultivate Founder and Meditation Teacher, Jen

Hi, I'm Jen. I'll be your guide.


I'm a certified mindfulness teacher, energy healer, entrepreneur, and artist. I founded CULTIVATE with a desire to help others unlock their creative potential and support the unpredictable lifestyle that comes with walking the path less traveled.

I've worked with thousands of creatives, founders, and empaths to strengthen their mental and emotional resilience, inspire creativity, and prevent burnout.

My work is designed to help you ground, release whatever is holding you back, dissolve limiting beliefs, and expand your vision of what you think is possible. 

You'll leave with your mind and body at rest.

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